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The Magpie Collection features 10 games, helps indie devs replace stolen equipment


There's a story behind The Magpie Collection, but first: what it is? It's an IndieGoGo campaign for a bundle of 10 games—as well as films, music and art—from a bunch of indie developers, including The Stanley Parable's William Pugh and McPixel's Sos Sosowski. The games, when they are made, "may or may not be related to crime or magpies."

Why's that, then? The goal of The Magpie Collection is to replace €17,000 worth of equipment stolen from developers during the Berlin Games Week.

"During our stay at the international games festival A MAZE. / Berlin, a large number of people got their belongings stolen: Laptops, tablets, phones, backpacks, passports, documents. Having the right tools to work with is vital for any artist and developer, so we are looking to replace whatever we can through this campaign."

Any money raised above the campaign's total will be donated to Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer's Research UK. The games created will be exclusive to this campaign, and will be released, next month, to backers of the €10 tier and above.

1/20th disclaimer: One of the (many) creators making stuff for this bundle, Jordan Erica Webber, is a freelancer with PC Gamer.

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