The Humble Sports Bundle delivers speed, strategy, and donnybrooks on ice

The new Humble Bundle is all about sports, and despite what you may expect I will not use this as an opportunity to make an obvious, faux-confused "sportsball" joke, because in reality I actually enjoy a number of different sports, including baseball, professional wrestling, auto racing, and super blood hockey

First things first: For the entry-level fee of $1, the Humble Bundlers will hook you up with Grid 2, Sega Bass Fishing, and Eastside Hockey Manager, which now includes league and player data from the hockey hotbed United Kingdom. Bounce your payment above the average, which is currently just a hair over five bucks, and you'll also get Motorsport Manager, Dirt Rally, the very serious sports sim Super Blood Hockey, and a code for 75 percent off of Football Manager 2018. 

At the top of the heap, which will set you back $12, the exceptionally good racing simulator F1 2017 will also be yours, along with a $2 credit for Humble Monthly subscribers. And if you happen to play Star Trek Online, you'll also be awarded a Humble Trekkie Pack, "including Phoenix Lock Boxes, Mercenary Uniform, XP Boost, and Bridge Officer."   

The default charity for the Humble Sports Bundle is Access Sport, a UK-based charity that works to keep disadvantaged youth engaged in sport. If you don't care for that one, you can select one of your own instead. The Humble Sports Bundle will be available for purchase until 11 am PT on August 14. 

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Andy Chalk

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