Untitled Goose Game's honking hero will invade Resident Evil 2 in upcoming mod

(Image credit: House House)

Tired of bothering English villagers, the honking star of Untitled Goose Game has turned its gaze on somewhere much more exciting: Resident Evil 2's Raccoon City. Modder ZombieAli is helping with the long journey, and soon you'll be able to replace Mr. X's hulking form with our winged, feathered friend, fedora and all. "And yes, the final version will include extra HONKS," the modder said on Twitter.

The mod is a work-in-progress and ZombieAli didn't say when it will be live, but the short clip below shows you what to expect: a big, barrel-chested goose striding down corridors towards you.

If you recognise the modder's name, that's because he was half of the team that turned Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine last year. Long may these silly crossovers continue.

Thanks, Destructoid.

Samuel Horti

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