Exclusive reveal: The Gladiator, Heroes of Newerth's new hero

HoN-gladiator reveal

Gladiators are kings of arena combat, used to fighting to the death on a daily basis. We've got the exclusive video of the new Gladiator hero coming to Heroes of Newerth this Friday, and he can't wait to kick your face in! Details on his abilities and the video after the jump.

From the video, it looks like he's going to be a high DPS hero, with a healthy amount of CC thrown in (think Kunkka from the original DotA). Wielding a massive sword in one hand, a whip in the other, and a terrfying amount of muscle all over his body, The Gladiator can throw down spring spike traps underneath his enemies to immobilize and debuff them, recall them to a previous location, whip them across the body for heavy damage, and call in the calvary to reinforce him--his chariot speeds behind him and runs down his enemies, dealing damage and stunning them.

He's entering the arena in Heroes of Newerth this Friday, July 2nd, so you might want to watch the video a couple more times--you don't want to be caught off guard!

S2 Games is letting anyone that had a beta account play for free this weekend, so even if you haven't purchased the game yet, but played in beta, get in there this weekend (Friday night to Sunday at midnight) to check out the new hero!