The future isn't on console, says Dr Bioware

Bioware's co-founder, Dr. Greg Zeschuk, dropped this somewhat incendiary quote during his keynote at Develop: "The future isn't necessarily on console. That's the past."

"We explored lots of different kinds of games," he went on. "We did some Facebook stuff. We did an iPhone game for Mass Effect. It wasn't the best one – people point that out to us. We learned the hard way. The team went back and made some more games that we never released, that were way better. Large scale MMOs. Small scale MMOs."

What do you think about MMOs being the future? Personally, I think that the key to making a hit game is making a game wot is really good and that. Let's all try to remember that Bioware would be fools to fly in the face of my years of experience.

[ Eurogamer via CVG ]