The Free Webgame Round-Up

Fans of shapes are well catered for in this week's roundup, which features all your favourite geometric configurations: circles, rectangles...even the mythical 'triangle'. There's shapes shooting at each other, shapes just trying to fit in, and shapes obscuring deadly drops of doom. There's also a lightly harrowing adventure game and a prototype that sets out to be the antithesis of stealth - the latter featuring our old friend Mr Triangle. Enjoy!

Johnny Got His Gun Quest by Folmer Kelly

Play it online here.

A brief (very brief) adaptation of Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun, and an adventure game with both emotive clout and some lovely presentation. I wasn't kidding about it being brief though; Johnny Got His Gun Quest will be over before you know it – which may be a good thing, considering the unimaginable agony of its central character.

Nothing to Hide by Nick Liow

Play it online here.

Well this is clever. Nothing to Hide is an anti-stealth game set in a surveillance state, and by that I mean you have to ensure you remain visible to Big Brother at all times. Cameras here take the form of little Triforce-esque prisms; if you leave their line-of-sight for more than a couple of seconds, you get gunned down (offscreen) and have to start the room again. This is prototype, and it shows, but there's enough promise here to convince me that this might be something worth shouting about when it's done. (Via IndieGames )

White Mask Experiment by Sean McIlroy

Play it online here.

Unity seems to be the perfect engine in which to make smart first-person puzzle games. White Mask Experiment is the latest, a game that tasks you with navigating an abstract, unsettling space that often hides its giant Pits o' Doom in plain view. The garish colours clash in decidedly unhelpful ways; to help you figure out which surfaces are safe to walk on, you have an infinite supply of chuckable balls. White Mask Experiment also looks a bit like an electroclash album cover...which is pretty neat. (Via Free Indie Games )

Orbis by FourthFloorGames

Play it online here.

Orbis is Geometry Wars as fought by actual geometry. It's nowhere near as flashy as other twin-stick shooters, but it is pleasantly musical, with your bullets shooting forth to a steady plinky plunky beat. It's slight stuff, in its current state, but the developer plans to add more content in the near future. (Via Free Indie Games )

Colour Chained by Dennis Au

Play it online here.

So this is Tetris, essentially, with a bit of Columns and maybe some Hexic thrown in for good measure. However, it's puzzle game more than it is a match-3, giving you a pre-defined series of circumstances and only a few moves in which to make the multicoloured blocks go away. You're trying to destroy everything on screen in one (and later, a few) swish movement/s. Colour Chained is clever stuff and – from what I've played so far – it's also pretty devious with it.

Tom Sykes

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