The Firewatch movie is back on

(Image credit: Campo Santo)

Campo Santo's outstanding Firewatch is being made into a feature film, and if you feel like you've heard this before somewhere, it's because you have, back in 2016. That deal fell through when Good Universe was acquired by Lionsgate, which saw the rights to the project return to Campo Santo, but The Hollywood Reporter says that a new deal has been struck with Blindspotting and Little Monsters production company Snoot Entertainment.

"Jess [Wu Calder] and Keith [Calder] are hard-working and visionary film producers with impeccable taste in video games," Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman said.

"Not unlike when we met Joe Drake and the team at Good Universe in 2016, we knew in our first conversation with Jess and Keith that they’d make great partners. We have no doubt in their expertise, their taste and their passion and assume that our experience as so-so game developers will make us first-rate producing partners."

The film, like the game, will tell the story of Henry, a fire lookout in 1989 Wyoming, and his long-distance supervisor Deliliah. But what seems like a lonely job in a lonely place—a much-needed escape—becomes something very different when a strange mystery begins to unfold, and Henry's focus is forced to more sinister things. It's a fantastic game, well deserving of our 85% review, and even though I'm not sure it will translate very well into a movie, I'm glad it's getting another shot at trying.

Andy Chalk

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