The Fallout-style RPG teased by New Blood last week features big names in the classic Fallout scene

New Blood's Fallout-style isometric RPG
(Image credit: New Blood Interactive)

New Blood Interactive CEO Dave Oshry threatened to kill a puppy if he got bumped from the PC Gaming Show this past weekend, so we made sure he got his time and then he used it to say that the studio isn't actually ready to talk about any of the new stuff that it's working on (except Gloomwood, which we already know about). He did offer the briefest of glimpses at three games, though, including a top-down shooter, a car combat game, and a "Fallout-style RPG" that Oshry described as his "dream game."

What a difference three days makes, apparently, because yesterday New Blood revealed a little more about its "retro futurist isometric CRPG," and while there's no detail yet, even at this early stage it sounds very promising. 

The studio described the game on Twitter as a "passion project" among Oshry, game developer Adam Lacko, and artist Alexander Berezin. The latter two are major figures on the retro Fallout scene: Lacko is the mastermind of Project Van Buren, an effort to resurrect Black Isle Studios' original Fallout 3, which was cancelled in 2003, while Berezin, known as Red888guns on DeviantArt, is an artist who has previously worked on the Fallout Sonora and Olympus 2207 mods.

Mark Morgan, another name that will be familiar to post-apocalyptic RPG fans (and one of my favorite game composers), is also involved in the project. Morgan's previous work includes the soundtracks for the first two Fallout games, Planescape: Torment, and inXile's Wasteland sequels.

There's no indication as to when this RPG will be formally announced, much less released, and Oshry warned that despite the tease, it's still a long way off.

"Everyone knows this is my dream game," he told PC Gamer. "And now I've got my dream artist and dream composer working on it as well as all the talented devs at New Blood. Should we be showing it this early? Probably not. But it's encouraging to see how many people want this game as much as I've always wanted to create it."

"Bwahahahaha," he added.

New Blood also revealed a bit more about the other games it teased at the PC Gaming Show: The top-down shooter has already been in development "for a VERY long time" and will include a level editor, co-op support, and appearances from most New Blood Universe characters, while the car combat game is coming along "slowly but surely."

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