The Escapists 2 showcases its outer space-set U.S.S Anomaly prison

Announced last October, Mouldy Toof and Team17's jailbreaker sequel The Escapists 2 is due to launch on August 22. Today it's showing off one of its more interesting prisons: the space-set U.S.S Anomaly.

Billed as an institution "designed to solve the problem of Earth’s overcrowded prisons", the Anomaly is the game's hardest-to-escape-from fortress that's packed with robotic guards and dogs, and is overseen by an AI warden. Luckily, the prison's space-age tech isn't exclusive to the establishment, as you'll have the chance to leverage jet packs and shuttles as you plan your interstellar escape.

Some of that is depicted here: 

When The Escapists 2, ahem, lands it'll come packing nine other uniquely themed prisons—including a lockup that's set on a moving train. Prisons can be tackled in both solo or multiplayer, and online and local co-op and versus modes support up to four players. 

A new combat system awaits inmates this time too, while the game's newly improved customisation suite boasts over 300 customisable options. Orange needn't be the new black.  

Again, The Escapists 2 is due August 22, 2017.