The Escapists 2 drops Wicked Ward DLC in time for Halloween

The first Escapists game was no stranger to crossovers—having partnered officially with The Walking Dead, and unofficially with James Bond, A-Team and Escape from Alcatraz by way of similarly-themed spin-offs. The Escapists 2 landed in August and has now dropped its second themed DLC, this one focused on Halloween. 

Named Wicked Ward, expect much of the assumed All Hallows' Eve fare, then, with pumpkins and bats and costumes and skeletons and… perhaps you're best checking out the trailer for yourself:

"Things have taken a strange turn in the locked off wings of an abandoned hospital," so reads the blurb on the DLC's Steam page. "A mad scientist and his hoard of undead guard their territory within the gothic halls. Outside an ominous sky of thunder, rain and lightning blankets the surrounding woods. Once again, you’ll have to craft, fight and scheme your way to freedom from this eerie supernatural slammer."

Your goal is to escape at all costs, we're told, which might be easier said than done, what with all the zombie prison guards and red-eyed werewolves circling the perimeter. Good luck!

The Escapists' Wicked Ward DLC is out now and costs £2.79/$3.99 on Steam