The Epic Games Store finally gets achievements next week

Achievement unlocked
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Good news, achievement hunters. The Epic Games Store is finally getting cheevos, adding Epic Achievements to at least six games next week, with more to come in future.

Epic announced the new feature in a blog post earlier today, unveiling how its particular version of the popular feature will work. Epic Achievements will award varying amounts of XP, the amount depending on what tier: Bronze (5-45 XP), Silver (50-95 XP), Gold (100-200 XP) and Platinum (250XP), with Platinum itself is reserved as a once-per-game cheevo for earning 1000 XP in a single game. It's a similar scheme as Sony's Trophies system on PlayStation.

For starters, your total XP score will mostly exist for bragging rights, with an account level tied to how much you've earned. But Epic floats plans for "new social features and player rewards", suggesting there may be more goodies in store for folks with XP to burn.

Epic did start messing with achievements last year, mind. Today's blog post refers to these old cheevos as "developer achievements", and notes that they'll still be available on games that don't want to integrate with the new system. If a game does, however, any dev achievements you earned will carry over into Epic Achievements where applicable.

Epic Achievements will first roll out in Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Humankind, Zombie Army 4, Defense Grid "and more", with plans to bring achievements to even more games over the rest of the year.

Natalie Clayton
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