The Elite Dangerous pilot stranded since last year has finally been rescued

Image via Commander Deluvian

Image via Commander Deluvian

Commander Deluvian, the Elite Dangerous pilot who has spent the last three months stranded in space, has finally been rescued. The heroic Fuel Rats reached him on the weekend, completing a journey that started last month, at least for them. Deluvian, on the other hand, has been stuck beyond the edge of the galaxy for three months.

One of the rescuers, Commander HighwayWarrior, chronicled the entire venture in a blog, which you can check out here. It's long, detailed and incredibly earnest. A heck of a lot of preparation went into saving the daredevil pilot, with multiple Fuel Rats getting involved and helping at different stages. 

The moment when all that preparation (and waiting) paid off was captured for posterity, so give it a watch below. 

With fuel in his tank once more, Deluvian was able to jump back home, followed by the Fuel Rats. Another job well done. You can see the full thing here, complete with lots of serious space chatter.

Deluvian was attempting to set a new record for furthest distance travelled from Sol when his confidence got the better of him and he ended up trapped in the most boring and unfriendly part of the universe. Until the Fuel Rats came along, that is. Unfortunately, he didn't break the record, though he did beat his personal one, so it's not all bad. 

I wouldn't be surprised if another attempt was already on the cards. 

Cheers, RPS

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