The Division's "Conflict" update will add a new Incursion and better high-end loot

Ubisoft has announced that the free 1.2 update to The Division, called Conflict, will be out on May 24.  It will include a new Incursion, increased high-end loot drops, four new gear sets, a new, high-level Dark Zone bracket, and the ability hijack extractions in all Dark Zone brackets. 

“Players will now be able to interrupt an ongoing extraction by cutting the rope to have all the attached loot bags drop to the ground. This means that you will have to defend your extractions to ensure the loot doesn’t get stolen,” Game Director Petter Mannerfelt explained in a Q&A on the Ubisoft blog. Hijacking extractions will cause you to go Rogue, which is obviously a drawback, but on the upside you get to make people mad on the internet. That's always a plus. 

The new Incursion, Clear Sky, sees the airspace over Manhattan fall under the control of the Rikers faction, which has taken over one of the anti-aircraft sites left behind by the Last Man Battalion. Now they control the supply drops, and you need to do something about it. Completing Clear Sky on hard mode will earn High End items with a 204 gear score, and Gear Set items with a 214 gear score, each time the mission is completed.   

The update will also add Search and Destroy missions, available from the safehouses of named zones, which will lead to intel on the locations of High Value Targets. “High Value Targets are dangerous faction leaders. They are a threat to society and need to be stopped,” Mannerfelt said. “There are both daily and weekly High Value Targets contracts, and some of them require a group effort to complete.” 

Ubisoft will take the Conflict update for a spin at 10 am PDT on May 19, on Twitch

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Andy Chalk

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