The Division has a new and potentially game breaking exploit

The Division

The Division hasn't had a great run since its most recent patch. The new Falcon Lost Incursion introduced at least one major exploit, which turns the mission's high level item drip feed into a veritable hailstorm. Ubisoft Massive is working on a fix, and is currently figuring out how to punish those who have exploited the glitch.

It looks like the studio has another problem on its hands though, and this one could arguably be bigger: a player has found a way to increase their weapon damage enormously. As the video below by YouTuber Simplified demonstrates, it's possible to one-shot high level enemies using the exploit. Imagine the kind of damage you could do in the Dark Zone with this.

I won't spell out how to use the exploit – I don't wanna ruin anyone's fun – but the trick is pretty simple and it's in the video description. To get an idea of how powerful it is, check out the video below. It's safe to say that when Ubisoft decides how it will punish exploiters, those using this one will be first against the wall.

Shaun Prescott

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