The Division adds Loadouts, scraps 'infamous Coward's Corner' cheat in latest update

Despite receiving a host of updates, expansions and invisibility-removing patches since launch, one particular problem with The Division that's persisted is its so-called 'Coward's Corner'—an enclosed area within which opportunist players camp out and pick off nearby spawning players. The game's 'Quality Update 1.6.1' has now reworked the hotspot, nullifying its scope for unfair encounters, and has introduced Loadouts ahead of their proposed summer entry. 

I missed it last week however was turned onto the third-person shooter's latest update by one of our readers, which also targets a number of bugs, implements the previously PTR-trialled Loadouts, and instils a number of nips and tucks to the workings of the game's Last Stand DLC. 

Tim voiced his concerns over the direction of The Division recently—he feels its 'Year Two' expansion plan dooms it to a slow death—however Ubisoft remains naturally upbeat in light of industrious, behind-the-scenes updates such as this one.  

"Quality Update 1.6.1 is a part of our new philosophy, where we do not wait for major updates to the game in order to release major bug and balancing fixes," reads this update post. "We will follow this up with more patches during the year, while also focusing on big updates and new features with Update 1.7 and 1.8.

"With Update 1.6.1, we are taking our time to fix longstanding bugs and adding one of the most requested features—Loadouts—to The Division. It helps to set the stage for the next step, Update 1.7, which will be coming this summer."

Full notes on Quality Update 1.6.1 can be found over here