The Division gets loadouts, via a PTR patch

Back in March, Ubisoft announced that The Division was to get two free expansions later this year, with the first adding a much-requested loadout feature to its third-person shooter MMO. (Update: Thanks to commenter Shifted, who points out that Ubisoft has moved up the release of loadouts to patch 1.6.1, due this May.) This 'Year Two' plan won't be enough to sustain interest in the game, reckons recent Division convert Tim Clark, but it should at least make it a little less fiddly to manage your character, and give fans something to gnaw on in the months ahead.

While the first expansion won't be deployed until sometime in late July or early August, you can grab a patch featuring the loadout system right now, if you're willing to cross over into The Division's Public Test Server, and accept that it won't be introduced into the 'proper' game until May. The new feature will let you store up to six different character configurations, with each loadout reflecting the weapons, gear, skills, talents and mods you had equipped when you hit 'save'. You can swap between loadouts pretty much instantly from the menu, and pick from a established list of names ('Marksman', 'Assault' etc.) to help you remember which is which.

Have a read of the patch notes here, if you're wondering what other tweaks the test update brings, or watch a video by YouTuber Arekkz below, which demonstrates exactly how the new loadout feature functions. (Cheers, VG247.)

Tom Sykes

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