The Division 2's new mode sounds like The Raid but in a 100-story skyscraper

The Division 2 is getting a new PvE mode called Summit that will be free for all owners of Warlords of New York. You'll need to work your way through a building, clearing out enemy-infested floors and completing random objectives. It looks a bit like The Raid, but inside a 100-story skyscraper.

I guess that really means it looks like the criminally underrated Dredd, or that not nearly as good movie where The Rock fights a skyscraper. Regardless, it sounds pretty neat. According to the devs, who unveiled the new mode during this week's State of the Game stream, it's designed to be a "greatest hits of the PvE experiences". 

Like The Division's Underground mode, the skyscraper is made up from predefined elements that are arranged randomly. When you hit a floor, it will draw from a pool of layouts, factions and objectives, so you'll never be quite sure what you're about to face. Every faction in the game, both from New York and Washington DC, have somehow found themselves in this one building, and you'll have to complete both familiar and new objectives while shooting your way through the throng. 

Every tenth floor, you'll face a boss, and for taking them down you'll be rewarded with a new spawn point that will let you start your subsequent ascents from the floor above the boss. So when you clear the tenth floor, you'll be able start on floor 11, skipping all the previous floors. 

You might not want to start on a high floor, though. The floors get progressively harder, with 81 and on being legendary challenges. Before you take on the top of the tower, you might want to repeat some lower floors. You can do all of this solo, or you can find a group to help you with your climb, using matchmaking to find groups to take on specific blocks of floors.

Along with being full of enemies from all of The Division 2's factions, the skyscraper also hosts some rogue agents, and maybe some hunters. While the developers didn't confirm the latter, the "no comment" and grins suggests that they might be making an appearance.

The stream covered a few topics, including new weapons, but if you're just interested in the new mode, they start breaking it down at 10 minutes in. While no date was given for its release, it shouldn't be too far away. It's hitting the test server tomorrow, September 4.

Fraser Brown
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