The Division 2 will visit the White House, Air and Space Museum, Roosevelt Island

Our everything we know about The Division 2 roundup tells us Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment's sequel is 20 percent larger than its forerunner. Set in summertime D.C., that play area will stretch to some of the US capital's biggest tourist spots—including Roosevelt Island and the Air and Space Museum. 

The former has already been teased in interviews and discussed in forums, and appears to play into the new setting's swap-set makeup. "Roosevelt Island is a location we're going to feature," lead level designer Manny Diaz tells us at Gamescom. "Roosevelt Island is forested, people go walking in there, they go hiking and for us this is a mysterious place."

As you might expect, the Washington Monument features in-game, as does Capitol Hill, the Lincoln Memorial, and, of course, the White House—the latter of which Diaz reckons stirs "strong emotions" in many people.  

Diaz continues: "The Air and Space Museum is a lot of fun, too. When we started creating The Division 2, we thought we absolutely must have the Air and Space Museum in there. Anybody who ever talks about it does so with a smile—it's got aviation, it's got space exploration, people often went there as children. Looking at the space alone looks fun, and it represents something for players to explore.

"We also felt that D.C. would help up the stakes, to up the ante. In the first game society was really on the backfoot, adapting the crisis, not really knowing how to cope with the emergency. This time around, seven months later, civilization has pulled its resources and is fighting for a rebirth. 

"The flip side of that is the enemy factions have done the same thing. They've also colonised, and they're a greater threat of the citizens of D.C. That's where you come in as an agent—to help stabilise that effort, to help them get off the ground."

The Division 2 is due March 15, 2019.   

Additional reporting by Tom Senior.