The Division 1.8 update is coming next week

Ubisoft has announced that the long-awaited 1.8 update to The Division, which will be free for all players, will be out next week. A hard release date won't be revealed until December 4, but the publisher shared a quick recap of what's in store in a new State of the Game update. 

A new PvE Horde mode called Resistance, in which players build fortifications against allied factions using SHD-Tech, is on the way, as is a new 4v4 PvP mode called Skirmish. The Underground will be "revamped" with new directives and checkpoints, gear optimization has been changed enabling players to spend D-Tech to max their stats, the West Side Pier map is being extended, there are new exotic weapons to have some fun with, and there's a new Rogue 2.0 "voluntary rogue toggle for PvP flagging that we hope will rebalance the Dark Zone."   

"We recognize there is plenty of passion around the Dark Zone, but we also want to remind everyone that The Division is a live game. As such, we are always evolving to best suit the overall balance of the game," Ubisoft explained. "Our intention was to create a zone that was an equal 50/50 percentage split between PVE and PVP activity. When it comes to Rogues in the DZ in 1.7, our data reveals that the balance is entirely off. 75 percent of player deaths in the DZ are exclusively PVP, and that is something we want to change." 

The updated movement system that has been in action on The Division PTS will also go fully live with the 1.8 update. "This should also work against the Chicken Dance," Ubisoft said. I have no idea what that means but it sounds important.  

The full 1.8 update patch notes will be released on December 4, when the release date is confirmed. Until then, a broad summary of what's in store is available on The Division subreddit, and you can watch community developer Yannick Banchereau talk about it in yesterday's State of the Game video below. 

Andy Chalk

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