The Devil In Me brings hellish inventory puzzles to the Dark Pictures Anthology

A woman leaning forward argumentatively, being discouraged by a man behind her
(Image credit: Supermassive Games)

The latest addition to the Dark Pictures anthology is officially The Devil In Me, confirming the name leaked last year. This serial killer focused entry is set to be more expansive, according to an interview with VG247, with game director Tom Heaton wanting to frighten players by giving them more agency—and more puzzles.

"We’re expanding the exploration, adding this inventory, adding puzzles, and increasing the game length, but it’s still very much a Dark Pictures game," Heaton says. "We’re not breaking the formula, it’s still going to feature intense choices, consequences, and gruesome deaths."

The Devil In Me will follow the story of a documentary crew invited to a replica of historical serial killer H.H. Holmes' "Murder Castle", only to find themselves chillingly surveyed, trapped, and tested by a wannabe copycat.

Supermassive is known for their cinematic, narrative driven horror—and having to navigate a deft QTE to escape the brutal death of one part of your entourage. The addition of puzzles absolutely scans for a sinister hotel drawing inspiration from the Saw franchise, but it will make an interesting change of pace.

You can read the full interview with Heaton at VG247. The Devil In Me is expected to come out on Steam on November 18th, where it will cost £35/$40.