Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me leaked by trademark filing

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It's still a few months until The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes comes out, but the name of what is presumably the next in Supermassive Games' horror series has been given away by a trademark filing (as spotted by @RobotBrush on Twitter). It's called The Devil in Me, so it's probably about either demonic possession or Suzi Quatro. Could go either way.

The trademark, filed on June 28, is for a logo with a compass, magnifying glass, and skull, which suggests a game involving exploration, investigation, and death. Doesn't really narrow it down, does it?

The last Dark Pictures game, Little Hope, came out in October of 2020, and House of Ashes is due in October this year. While initially Supermassive were aiming to release two Dark Pictures games per year, it seems like they've shifted to an annual schedule. We'll probably see a teaser trailer for The Devil in Me at the end of House of Ashes, as with the previous games.

Fraser saw a hands-off demo of House of Ashes in May, and said its cast of soldiers and CIA agents in an underground Sumerian temple made it hard to know who to root for. "I'm pretty tired of playing American soldiers," he said, "but the setting does open the door to some interesting scenarios and conundrums. You've got pragmatic operatives and gung-ho cowboys forced to work together with their enemy, where they'll have to set jingoism and racism aside to survive. Or maybe they don't and it all goes to shit. The dark, claustrophobic tunnels aren't going to be the only sources of tension."

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