The Dead Linger, and now they're decomposing all over Steam Early Access

The Dead Linger promises an entire procedurally generated planet full of zombies, the ability to "interact and explore every item, weapon, object, and building that you can see", and the chance to actually suffer infection after you've been bitten, something that's bugged me in zombie games from day one. Sandswept Studios' open world game has been available to pre-order (giving you access to the alpha) for a while now, and now it's shuffled its way to Steam Early Access .

The Dead Linger's development was started before DayZ, and the game differentiates itself through its ginormous, procedurally generated world, along with barricading and proper, non-fast zombies. Sandswept are aiming to update the alpha build every couple of weeks, each one accompanied by developer 'vlog', the latest of which can be found below.

The Dead Linger will set you back £14.99. (Cheers, Polygon .)

Tom Sykes

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