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The Dark Mod updates with improved AI, new assets

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Games do a great job of wish fulfilment. Sometimes that wish is downing a great dragon in an epic battle. Othertimes, it's creeping up through someone's house and absconding with their valuables. But then maybe it's creeping up through someone's house and absconding with their valuables and also it's steampunk.

The Dark Mod caters for the latter group. It's also excellent, and the winner of our 2013 Mod of the Year. Inspired by Thief, it's a standalone platform for community created missions—of which there is already an extensive library. Despite this ostensibly being a news story about The Dark Mod's most recent update, I'm more hoping someone will go, "oh yeah, that thing," and install it out of mild curiosity.

Nevertheless, this is a post about the update, and so about the update I shall write. The Dark Mod v2.03 brings new AI systems to the game—both adding extra animations for the guards, and tweaking their AI to co-ordinate group searches more intelligently.

Graphics have also been improved, both for existing levels, and with new assets that can be used in future missions. In all, there's over a hundred new high-quality models and textures. You can see a run-down of the mod's features in the video below.

Phil Savage
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