The Crew: Wild Run beta key giveaway

The Crew

The Crew is an open world multiplayer racing game set in a sprawling microcosm of the USA. You tune cars, race them for reputation, get into trouble with the law, and then repeat the process with ever shinier cars as you cross the States. The expansion, Wild Run, lets you race with motorbikes, and adds dragsters, drifters and monsters trucks. Ubisoft also promises a "complete graphic overhaul".

You can see for yourself by taking a ride in this week's closed beta test. You don't need to own The Crew to try the beta. All you have to do is grab a code from the box below and then redeem it via the "redeem your guaranteed access code" box on the Crew's official site. The site will ask you to log into your Uplay account and enter your code.

The beta runs from tomorrow (Thursday October 15) through to Monday October 19. This giveaway will close when all the keys are gone, or in 24 hours, whichever comes first. We have 2000 to give away. Have fun!


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