The creators of Job Simulator are making Vacation Simulator

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One of our favorite VR games, Job Simulator, puts you in a post-scarcity society's virtual 'simulation' of what it was like to work a job. It's basically a big environmental toy where you can muck with interactive items—photocopy your head, throw staplers at robots. At The Game Awards (opens in new tab)today, Owlchemy Labs announced that it's developing a follow-up: Vacation Simulator.

"It was pretty funny, people have been loving 'to job,'" said founder Alex Schwartz, "and we've been working on the game for so long, and the natural progression of, after you 'job,' then you vacation, it just makes sense."

According to CTO Devin Reimer, the developer has "doubled down" on interactivity in this game. Vacation Simulator will be available on the Rift and Vive next year. Check out the reveal trailer above. 

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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