The creator of Myst on how puzzle games have changed

I got a chance to speak with Rand Miller at E3 2016, co-founder of Cyan Worlds and creator of Myst. I also got a chance to play Cyan’s newest puzzle game, Obduction, while the legendary designer looked over my shoulder and analyzed my every move. It felt like I was taking an exam while the professor graded me in real time. But Miller was nothing but excited (and perhaps a bit nervous) about people finally getting their hands on a game that’s been a long time coming. Watch the video above to see his thoughts on Obduction, building a puzzler in the Unreal 4 engine, and how first-person puzzlers have changed since Myst.

Obduction is shaping up to be a great first-person puzzle game. It’s got many callbacks to Myst and Riven—FMV actors speaking to you, loads of levers to pull without context for why you’d want to—but clearly wasn’t trying to be those games. The demo I played only had one real 'puzzle,' which felt like a very Myst-y lever puzzle, and the rest of it was mostly about soaking in the lush world Cyan has created. It’s always hard to get a sense of depth in a short demo, but Obduction introduced me to a strange place, and it left me wanting to explore it even more.

Tom Marks
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