The 'Big Bad Update' for Hades adds a new biome and new story events

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)

Supergiant Games' hack-n-slash roguelike Hades just got a new "Big Bad" update. The game is still in early access, a first for Supergiant, but as we noted when it first released, the quality we know and expect from the developers of Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre is already present. 

The update adds a long list of changes that you can read on Supergiant's website in full. As for major changes, the Big Bad update brings a new biome, the Temple of Styx, a "labyrinthine biome awaits at the very edge of the Underworld." Supergiant also mentions new story events that unfold if you manage to reach the Temple of Styx, expanding on the Underworld's Prince's story. 

The update also adds new enemies: satyr cultists and giant vermin. Under "Final Battle," Supergiant says "there is no escape from the Underworld; at least not without a fight," though it doesn't elaborate with whom. You'll have to discover that firsthand.

Most importantly though, the Big Bad update gives the Zagreus one critical new ability. "Cerberus: now permits Zagreus to pet him in certain contexts." Thank goodness this year's bandwagon is so wholesome. 

The update notes are pretty chunky, so if your eyes get tired you can listen to Hades' narrator read them to you in the video above instead. Apparently this is a tradition Supergiant Games began in June when it had Logan Cunningham (whose voice you'll recognize from Supergiant's last three games) read the High Speed Update patch notes. 

You can pick up Hades yourself on the Epic Games Store.

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