The best webcam for streamers with terrible lighting is on sale for $95

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Walmart is currently running a hell of a deal on one of the best webcams out there: right now you can pick up the Razer Kiyo Pro for only $95, half its usual pricey $200. 

Good lighting is one of those things that can really make or break the quality of a stream. Even if you're not a streamer, most offices, bedrooms, and kitchens don't provide the best lighting conditions for a video call. The Razer Kiyo Pro can help alleviate the grainy picture that comes with those low light conditions.

The Razer Kiyo Pro is great if you want to bring more light into your video without investing in a full-on lighting setup. The 1080p 60fps webcam uses a special adaptive light sensor that helps boost what little light is there already and brightens up your shot, so it doesn't like look you're recording from the bottom of a well. 

In my review, I noted that the Kiyo Pro is one of the more expensive non-4K webcams out there. That price is a shame, because the picture quality is excellent once you go into Razer Synapse 3.0 and tweak the settings to get it just right. 

You should note that colors tend to get washed out in lower light environments, which is the trade-off for streaming in a dark room. The Razer Kiyo Pro otherwise produces deep colors under normal lighting, and its white balance is on point too. 

Razer Kiyo Pro

Razer Kiyo Pro | 1080p |60fps |FOV 103, 90, 80 | 2.1 megapixels |Onmidirection mic| HDR-enabled |
$199.99 $95 at Walmart (save $105)
For less than $100, the Razer Kiyo Pro is one of the best low-light webcams you can buy right now. It forgoes the dinky ring light and uses a fancy light sensor to brighten up your shots. 

One of the issues I'm hoping was addressed via firmware in the year since my review was the sometimes wildly unreliable autofocus. Despite that, the redesigned Kiyo Pro is still a good webcam, and for $95, it's an easier and cheaper upgrade route than a professional lighting setup.

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