The best Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 deals of 2019

The best Nvidia GTX 1080 card deals for 2019
The best Nvidia GTX 1080 card deals for 2019

While the original GTX lineup may look a little long in the tooth, that means that the best Nvidia GTX 1080 deals are easier to find than ever. Overshadowed by the RTX cards, especially now that the RTX Supers have launched, the GTX 1080 remains a mighty performer that has stayed near the top of the stack in raw performance. Even now, a 1080 is capable of pushing 1440p at very respectable frame rates, and can even rock games in 4K if you're willing to dip in and tweak some of the settings. 

Prices haven't exactly fallen through the floor, but if you act fast you can still grab one of the PNY OEM 1080s for $600 right now at Walmart. That's a pretty excellent price on a card that's regularly sold for $800 or more, so pounce on it if you're keen. As prices across Nvidia's whole product stack of GPUs continues to fluctuate, we'll keep an eye out for the very best deals, so stay tuned if you don't immediately find what you're looking for.

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The best Asus GTX 1080 deals

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Asus has a handful of good options for Nvidia's beast of a graphics card. The company's ROG Strix O8G has an OC mode base / boost clock speed of 1784 / 1936 MHz, which is much higher than the 1607 / 1733 MHz on Nvidia's reference card. It's also got a custom cooler which Asus says keeps the card 30 percent cooler than the reference.

The best Gigabyte GTX 1080 deals

Gigabyte's custom cards are boosting both the clock speed and the memory speed compared to the reference card. It offers a card which has a base / boost clock of 1784 / 1936 MHz, and the memory speed is up above the 10,000 MHz of the reference version at 10,416 MHz. There's also a water cooled version of this card if you're looking to keep temperatures down. 

The best MSI GTX 1080 deals

MSI's cards also have an OC mode, as well as a silent mode you can swap between depending how much performance / noise you want to get out of the card. The Gaming X 8G hits 1708 / 1847 MHz base / boost clock speeds in OC mode, and the memory gets a nice bump up to 10,108 MHz too. 

The best EVGA GTX 1080 deals

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW DT Gaming ACX 3.0 may have been bumped from our high-end gaming PC build guide, but it still puts out real good performance and doesn't use a blower fan. Keep that in mind as you'll want to go with a different option if you're looking for a multi-GPU system. There have been some problems with overheating on some of EVGA's cards recently, but they should be sorted now thanks to a BIOS update.  

The best Palit GTX 1080 deals

Palit's GameRock Premium Edition comes with a fancy looking front panel with a 3.12-inch LCD screen. It'll show you fan speeds, temperatures, memory and core usage, the BIOS and drivers versions, and all that good stuff. It's also got a base / boost clock of 1746 / 1885 MHz, and a boosted memory speed of 10,500 MHz. It's got juicy specs, and a nice big dual fan air cooler to keep everything in order.

The best Zotac GTX 1080 deals

Zotac's GeForce GTX 1080 AMP Extreme has a whopping 1771 / 1911 MHz base / boost clock speed, and the memory is all the way up at 10,800 MHz. It needs a lot of cooling, with three fans and an aluminum heatsink, but it still manages to stay fairly quiet. All that performance doesn't come cheap though, but Zotac does have less expensive options available too.

The best Gainward GTX 1080 deals

Gainward's cards don't have as high clock speeds as some of the other cards in this list, but, they're still GTX 1080s, so you're not exactly missing out. The Phoenix GLH has a very handy 1746 / 1885 MHz base / boost clock speed, but the memory remains the same as the reference card at 10,000 MHz.

The best Inno3D GTX 1080 deals

Inno3D has a dual slot and a 2.5-slot GTX 1080 available. The dual slot has the same specs as the reference card, but it does have a custom cooling design which will let you boost those speeds a bit yourself. The larger iChill X3 Edition is a bit beefier, with a base / boost clock speed of 1759 / 1898 MHz, and the memory is up at 10,400 MHz too.

The best GALAX GTX 1080 deals

The GALAX GTX 1080 HOF is a bit of a beast. It's a three-slot, two 8-pin power connector card with 1733 MHz base and 1873 MHz boost, and there's plenty of room here to get those specs even higher with the triple 90mm fan cooler. There's a slightly less extreme GALAX card available, which will reach 1657 / 1797 MHz base / boost clock speeds.

The best PNY GTX 1080 deals

PNY also has a big old card with three fans. The GTX 1080 XLR8 Gaming OC also manages overclocks reaching 1708 / 1848 MHz base / boost clock speeds while still only using a single 8-pin power cable.

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