The best MultiVersus players in the world are playing the same character

Bugs Bunny holds a carrot in MultiVersus trailer
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An early favorite has emerged among the top 10 MultiVersus players in the world, and it’s not even close. If you want to break into the big leagues at this moment, you have the best chance playing Bugs Bunny. That’s right: the trickster furball is ranking higher than the likes of Superman, Ultra Instinct Shaggy, and even LeBron James.

Five out of the top 10 players on the MultiVersus Teams leaderboard (that’s the main 2v2 mode) are Bugs Bunny mains, including number one-ranked player KoboldHeart. They’re a PC player who has racked up a whopping 2,700 MMR score with Bugs victories as far as the eye can see. My normie MMR, for comparison, is 1,039, which is just barely high enough for me to crack into MultiVersus's top million players.

In a big win for bipedal mallet-enthusiast animals, Tom & Jerry is the runner-up main with two slots in the top 10. There’s also a Shaggy at number 4, a Velma, and even an Iron Giant main (my new role model). 

multiversus leaderboard

This screenshot was taken yesterday, meaning these placements have already shifted a bit. (Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Meanwhile on the 1v1 leaderboard (the mode that fighting game purists might consider the true proving grounds), rankings aren’t as one-sided. Bugs Bunny still holds the number one slot thanks to a PC player by the name of mirrorman, but this top 10 also features a Batman at number two, two Superman mains, a Finn, Shaggy, and Jake the Dog.

The differences between the leaderboards are notable. It’s clear why developer Player First Games has some Bugs nerfs in the pipeline for a patch coming after EVO—Bugs’ combination of melee and ranged makes him a well-rounded companion in 2v2. That said, he’s not as dominant in 1v1, perhaps because it’s easier to anticipate his ranged attacks when your attention isn’t divided. Conversely, Superman’s popularity in 1v1 may be explained by his grab moves being easier to exploit when there’s no second enemy to interrupt them.

Other observations from the top 30 leaderboards:

  • There are six Iron Giant mains in the top 30 2v2, but only one in 1v1. Big guy hits harder with more people around.
  • There are five Velmas on the 2v2 board and one in 1v1, suggesting that support characters are, indeed, better with a buddy
  • Speaking of supports, shout out to the single Reindog main ranked 16 on the 2v2 board, Trabje.
  • Despite the fact that MultiVersus is a controller-friendly game locked at 60fps, the PC is dominating the leaderboards. In both 2v2 and 1v1, there are only three console players.
  • Congrats to fluffyPandaBOY, beating the odds as a console player at rank three on the 2v2 board

I’m not much of a leaderboard chaser, but I find these stats fun to analyze. Coming from competitive shooters, I’m not used to this level of transparency about win rates, MMR, and favorite characters. Nothing is set in stone, either. MMR seems to fluctuate pretty fast in MultiVersus. After one night of playing, I managed to climb from the low millions in 2v2 to the very impressive rank of 937,605.

Still to come in MultiVersus is a proper Ranked mode. It’s unclear how that mode will differ from the ranking system already in place. Maybe there will be more rounds per match or character bans? If that’s on the table, I’d like to turn off Finn.

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