The best gaming chair is finally cheaper than Secretlab's store in Amazon's Fall Prime Day deals

Secretlab Titan Evo gaming chair
(Image credit: Secretlab)
Secretlab Titan Evo | Assorted finishes | Magnetic cushions | $609 $509 at Amazon (save $100)

Secretlab Titan Evo | Assorted finishes | Magnetic cushions | $609 $509 at Amazon (save $100)
The Titan Evo (see our full review) is our favorite gaming chair at the moment, and has been for the longest time. It's the benchmark by which we judge all other gaming chair—it's comfortable, supportive, and easy to assemble. The holy trinity. Secretlab is traditionally the best place to pick one up, and at the moment is offering $30 off your first purchase, but for the Fall Prime Day event you get $100 off the Amazon price, taking it below Secretlab's own direct pricing.

Price check: $549 at Secretlab

It's a rare thing indeed that a third-party retailer gets to sell a Secretlab gaming chair for less than the direct price from Secretlab itself, but Jeff Amazon has the buying power to secure an exclusive discount. Right now, you can buy the Secretlab Titan Evo for $509 at Amazon, saving $40 on the list price from its creator.

Traditionally, Secretlab will claim a saving from buying direct, and indeed it's stating that even today, where it claims the non-direct pricing is around the $589 mark because it's cutting out the "middlemen costs."

But with a $100 discount coupon available at Amazon, as part of its Big Deal Days promo, you can bring the price down from $609 to that listed $509 price. That's $40 less than Secretlab, and even with its own $30 discount if you're a first-time buyer, Amazon is still cheaper.

The Secretlab Titan Evo is our pick as the best gaming chair at the moment, and honestly has been since its release. And before then it was another Secretlab chair. They're excellent gaming seats, and don't come with the painful premium a lot of the high-end gaming chairs do.

They're still not cheap, but they're easy to build and very, very comfortable. The Titan Evo is also very supportive, and comes with smart features, such as the magnetic headrest.

And at Amazon today you can get a Titan Evo in a selection of different finishes all for the same price. We like the fabric option, and that pastel pink chair is quite lovely. I'm doing a chef's kiss right now, which you can't see.

Dave James
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