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The Battlefield 1 open beta gets underway at the end of August

For those of you disappointed that the Titanfall 2 multiplayer tech test won't be coming our way, I have news that I hope will brighten your mood: The Battlefield 1 open beta is set to begin on August 31, and yes, we're getting it. 

The BF1 open beta will include the Sinai Desert map, seen in the Gamescom gameplay trailer released today, and two modes: Conquest, in which 64 players battle to control objectives on the map, and Rush, a 24-player attack-and-defend mode that has one team trying to destroy Telegraph Posts, while the other fights to protect them. If the posts are destroyed, the Defenders must fall back to a new sector and try a little harder to hold the line. 

Battlefield Insider subscribers, and those who sign up to become one prior to August 21, will be given early access to the open beta, although EA didn't specify precisely how early. EA will also be livestreaming Battlefield 1 gameplay from Gamescom at 12 pm PT on August 16, on Twitch.

Andy Chalk
Andy covers the day-to-day happenings in the big, wide world of PC gaming—the stuff we call "news." In his off hours, he wishes he had time to play the 80-hour RPGs and immersive sims he used to love so much.