The Batmobile is coming to Rocket League

Rocket League 2016-02-18 17-37-10-18

Put to the back of your mind the blatancy of the promotional tie-in and the fact that Batman has about as little to do with Rocket League as it does with quality PC ports—that didn't stop the DeLorean after all. There is something inescapably fantastic about scoring rocket-goals and demolishing lesser cars as the Batmobile.

You'll be able to do just that from March 8 with the elegantly named Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack, priced $2. I must admit I'm more taken by the sound of that engine and the Bat-splosions than I am the look of the car itself, but for hardcore DC fans, there are also Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman toppers.

Sadly it doesn't look like the arena in the trailer will be making an appearance, but to achieve this much Psyonix's marketing department must be working overtime.

This news comes in addition to the sudden arrival of patch 1.13 last night, which splits competitive skill tiers into divisions so you can get a better feel for your progress, be it forwards or backwards.