The Bard's Tale IV trailer shows first in-engine footage

Bard's Tale

The campaign only started two days ago, but already The Bard's Tale IV has raised over $930,000. And that was with a pitch video that was—if I'm being generous—a bit naff. Let's see what happens now that InXile has released actual in-engine footage of the game.

As you can see from the trailer, your party in The Bard's Tale IV won't be locked to a grid. Outside of combat, you'll be able to move freely and in real-time. "When I'm moving through that dungeon, I want absolute, full screen, particle effects, lighting, ambient music, I want everything to be like I'm there," Brian Fargo explained when we talked to him last month.

The Bard's Tale IV needs to raise $1.25 million to complete its Kickstarter funding. It's got 36 days left to do that, but, let's be honest, it'll almost certainly happen within the next 36 hours.

Phil Savage

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