The Bard's Tale IV announced

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Bard's Tale

Hey, so remember inXile's teases a few weeks back (opens in new tab) that they were working on another "passionately demanded" RPG? Well, this is almost certainly it: a new Bard's Tale game (and a proper sequel at that) to 1988's Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate.

inXile CEO Brian Fargo announced the news yesterday (opens in new tab) at PAX South, stopping short of revealing much about The Bard's Tale IV, although he did promise "more details to follow". Thankfully, Fargo revealed a few of those details to IGN (opens in new tab), including that the story will take place in Skara Brae, where the very first game was set. Combat will be turn-based, but everyone will now take their turns all at once—goodies and baddies alike. Fargo seems to have been inspired by Hearthstone, in this regard.

There will be a Kickstarter, of course—their last two did pretty well, you might recall—but there's no news on exactly when yet. We'll be sure to tell you when inXile fire theirs up, though personally I'm a little disappointed that those trademarks (opens in new tab) for Van Buren and Meantime don't appear to be coming to fruition, at least yet.

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