The Banner Saga 3 gets July 24 release date

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The Banner Saga 3, the final installment of the excellent strategy game series (opens in new tab), will release on July 24, developer Stoic has announced. 

If you haven't played either of the previous two—and you really should—then they're narrative-driven games developed by some ex-Bioware developers. You lead a group of followers across a beautiful, often-barren landscape in a rickety caravan, getting into turn-based scraps. 

They're bleak games, and you'll often lose members of your party. Supplies are hard to come by, and you'll be forced to make tough decisions to ensure the survival of your group. Those choices, and their consequences, are the best bits about the game, and will inevitably lead to divisions within your camp. 

They're fairly slow burners, but they're rich and complex games, and it's easy to get lost in them (I'm currently deep into the first game, and can't get enough).

The Banner Saga 3 will be out on both Steam (opens in new tab) and GOG (opens in new tab) for £18.74/£24.99.

If you want to find out more about the series, you can read Chris's reviews of the original here (opens in new tab) and the sequel here (opens in new tab), while Tom wrote about why he loves travelling across the series' harsh world here (opens in new tab).

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