The Amazons are coming to A Total War Saga: Troy and you can enlist them for free

A Total War Saga: Troy was free during its first 24 hours of release on the Epic Games Store, and an awful lot of people took advantage of the deal. Next week, the Amazons Hero Pack DLC will go on sale, and it too will be free for the taking, but this time for two weeks.

The Amazons DLC will add two new heroes to the game, the High Queen of the Amazons Hippolyta and her sister, the Warrior Queen Penthesilea, each leading their own distinct Amazon faction. Each faction will have all-female roster with a variety of cavalry units and unique troops: Penthesilea brings two-handed axe infantry and devastating skirmishers to the fight, while Hippolyta is backed by the famed Amazon archers and heavy sword infantry. New buildings, faction mechanics, and an Epic Mission chain are also part of the package.

The new hero pack will go on sale on September 24, but will be free for all owners of A Total War Saga: Troy until October 8. In order to pick it up, you'll need to have a Total War Access account, and you'll need to link it to your Epic Games Store account—the process for doing so is described in the Amazons FAQ, and is not as complicated as it sounds. Details on the Amazons DLC can be had via the Epic Game Store

Andy Chalk

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