The Aliens shooter developer is hiring again

(Image credit: Sega)

The hint of an Aliens game gets me all frothy, even if it's just a studio putting out the call for new team members. Cold Iron Studios' unnamed Aliens game was teased at the start of 2018, and we've not heard much about it since. Until this week, the last tweet from the official account was from November, but there are once again signs of life. 

Cold Iron's looking for a lead character artist, lead environment artist, concept artist, systems designer, content designer and an infrastructure engineer to work on the Unreal-powered Aliens shooter. 

The positions suggest that it's still pretty early days for the project, and unfortunately it doesn't give us much hints about Cold Iron's vision for the xenomorph's latest outing. Don't expect to see this appear in 2019, but hopefully we'll start hearing more about it now that the silence has been broken.    

What we know so far comes from early last year, when publisher FoxNext Games, Fox's interactive division, described it as "long play-session MMO" that will be available on PC and console. 

An Aliens MMO or online shooter doesn't seem like a natural fit for the horror series, but with Creative Assembly having done such a great job with a solo, claustrophobic, survival-adjacent experience, something completely different might be a good idea. 

Fraser Brown
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