The 90s Arcade Racer attracts Nicalis publishing deal after successful Kickstarter

We were quite taken with The 90's Arcade Racer's modest Kickstarter bid , despite its nostalgia-baiting name and errant apostrophe. The game's developer was looking for a conservative £10,000 to add new tracks and cars into a racing game that was already well into production. Not only has it broken that total - hitting £14,515 with 59 hours to go - but now indie publishing house Nicalis are set to take it under their wing.

"We're working with Anthony on The '90s Arcade Racer," says Nicalis founder Tyrone Rodriguez. "Our collaboration will allow him to realize his vision of the game and make sure that he has the necessary Unity programming and design help he needs so that he can concentrate on art and other aspects."

Nicalis specialise in providing development support, porting and publishing for indie titles. They've previously worked on Cave Story, VVVVVV, Nifflas' NightSky, and are developing the upcoming Binding of Isaac remake.

"For anyone asking about the physics, both Anthony and I know what arcade racers should feel like. I also have experience with racing games and actual track experience; I worked on The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift (PS2, PSP), designing its drift physics. and have over 100 hours of real-world track time (open-wheel, street and race cars). Anthony and I won't stop until we get the tuning just right."

Sounds promising, and hopefully the deal will give the developer the support to push The 90's Arcade Racer beyond its initial scope.

Thanks, Indie Games .

Phil Savage

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