The 50 best free PC games

29. Fistful of Frags

It’s like Team Fortress 2, only with Wild West weaponry including an assortment of Colt pistols and a bow-and-arrow. You can dual-wield, throw handguns, and it’s one of the depressingly few FPS games to let you kick people in the head. More head-kicking in games, please.

Download it: Fistful of Frags

28. Bernband

The strange appeal of exploring a neon-drenched alien city is the reason this captured my attention. It’s a game about wandering around a strange metropolis, eavesdropping on people in nightclubs, or simply soaking up the atmosphere. The lo-fi artwork is endearing, but it’s the sound design that makes it, suggesting a city humming with activity.

Download it: Bernband

27. International Jetpack Conference

You’re a freelance journalist attending the latest jetpack conference in this chatdriven psuedo-DOS adventure. Somehow this surreal experience lives up to its glorious name.

Download it: International Jetpack Conference

26. Sonic Dreams Collection

This assortment of faux Sonic games might be Arcane Kids’ magnum opus. It’s an authenticlooking collection of four, let’s say unusual Sonic prototypes – the premise being that the Kids had obtained a Dreamcast development kit and found this lot after rooting around. Make My Sonic lets you generate and customise your own Sonic, Eggman Origin supposedly contains the remnants of an abandoned MMO, while Sonic Movie Maker asks you to film increasingly disturbing scenes between hedgehog and chums. Probably the most unsettling is the VR-enabled My Roommate Sonic, a game about chatting up Sonic via text messages.

Download it: Sonic Dreams Collection

25. Diaspora: Shattered Armistice

While there’s still no (good) official Battlestar Galactica game, a handful of exceptional mods float around, including this standalone marvel built in the FreeSpace 2 engine.

Download it: Diaspora

24. Candy Box 2

One of the best browser-based, productivity destroying clicking games, this one is nominally about stuffing your face with sweets. However, it soon blossoms into a compelling, charming and funny RPG.

Play it: Candy Box 2

23. Red Rogue

As in Rogue, you’re trying to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, but this couldn’t be more different in its approach. It’s a sidescrolling, optionally realtime game with minions, stylish hats, and tasty kobold hearts.

Download it: Red Rogue

22. Super Crate Box

The two-man dev team Vlambeer made this deceptively simple singlescreen arcade game. Using weapons from a handy crate... box... your job is to stop spawned monsters from leaping into a pit.

Download it: Super Crate Box

21. Battle For Wesnoth

This has been going for years now, and its development shows no signs of slowing. It’s a massive tactical RPG, something like Final Fantasy Tactics, but more complex, with bigger maps, and multiplayer.

Download it: Wesnoth

20. Canabalt

This kickstarted the endless runner genre, and remains one of the most enjoyable to play, thanks to its great artwork, music and tight controls, and that satisfying smash sound after you career through plate glass.

Play it: Canabalt