Tessallation: a time travel puzzle game starring a girl with a Rubik's Cube for a head

I guess you could do worse than having a Rubik's Cube for a head. Sure, people from the 1980s would be forever trying to solve you, but it would make for a great talking point at parties. Tessa, the star of upcoming puzzle game Tessallation, has such a thing in place of a human head. I don't know why, that's just the world we live in nowadays. Bonce aside, she's the star of an intriguing student-made physics puzzler, in which you manipulate causality to create multiple copies of yourself. Tessa, meet Tessa, Tessa, Tessa and Tessa. Do not be alarmed by their freaky weird heads. Tessarific trailer below.

The first part of the video takes place at Tessa's elementary school, before heading into more abstract territory near the end, which shows dozens of Tessas milling about in the same room. That could get brilliantly confusing. "Co-op with yourself" is the theme of the game, which is being developed by six students at Chicago's DePaul University, and which will be released sometime this Summer. So not too long to go then to sample this charmingly strange puzzle game - that is, unless this unnatural Game of Thrones-style Winter persists.

Thanks to Indie Statik .

Tom Sykes

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