Terraria takes on Modern Warfare 3 on Steam

Terraria vs Modern Warfare 3 Steam

The picture above is an image from Steamgraph showing the player stats for Modern Warfare 3 and Terraria. Terraria is shown in yellow, Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer is in blue and Modern Warfare 3 singleplayer is in red. As you can see, it's been neck and neck since December 1. That's when the huge Terraria 1.1 update landed, adding new items, monsters, bosses and biomes.

The stats were helped along by a Terraria sale last week, but it's heartening to see a fantastic indie game matching the multimillion dollar shooter. Terraria and Call have Duty have been trading places in the top five most played Steam games over the last week. Skyrim remains firmly at the top, with 148,921 players at peak times today.

If you're interested in picking up Terraria , check out our Terraria review , and the many improvements made since then in the 1.1 update . If you've just bought it, check out our Terraria beginner's guide for some early pointers, like how to survive the night without getting killed by a flying evil eyeball.

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