Tera's next update will revamp Warriors and Lancers, add PvP battlegrounds and dungeons

TERA review

A new blog post on Tera's official website revealed the developer's plans for the MMO's next big patch--and they're pretty hefty. On top of new dungeons and two classes getting fairly significant revamps, they're adding cross-server PvP battlegrounds, an expected feature that the playerbase has been anxiously awaiting.

The developers are focusing their class changes on the two tanks in the game: Warriors and Lancers. Both are getting an additional, new resource that will control their ability to dodge or block--separate from the mana pool, which will still be used to fuel offensive attacks. The shift seems to be to move both tanks towards a middle ground. Warriors (previously the mobile, flimsy tanks) are getting three new skills, including a block to let them absorb hits better. Lancers are getting two new skills, including a mobility-focused one to let them move around a bit more.

The update will also add two new dungeons with more powerful loot, new armor sets, and new advanced glyphs, which let you boost and tweak the effects of your skills. The new PvP battleground will be the first of its kind, and a welcome addition to the game's leveling and endgame offerings. We know that it will feature two teams of 15 players each, but there's been no details released about the style of gameplay inside.

Players can expect this patch to hit live servers "later this summer."