Tencent buys a 'major stake' in GTFO developer

(Image credit: GTFO)

Chinese megacorp Tencent has been shopping for developers again—really it's more of a never-ending spree—and this week added 10 Chambers, the Swedish developer behind GTFO, to the pile. 

This time, Tencent has just taken a slice rather than acquiring the studio, which was formed by Overkill Software founder Ulf Andersson five years ago. How much it dropped on the studio and the size of the slice hasn't been announced, but it's a "major stake," according to 10 Chambers. 

According to Andersson, 10 Chambers was looking for a partner to give it some "more muscle" and help it finish up development of GTFO, which the team's been working on for five years. It's currently in Early Access. 

"We needed to find a partner that gives us the creative freedom to reach these new heights," he says, "while at the same time support our long-term commitment to the GTFO community. For the future of the studio as a whole, it makes it even more exciting."

As the world's largest videogame publisher, Tencent's certainly got a bit of cash to throw around. If you want some idea of the extent of its influence, take a look at our list of every gaming company Tencent has invested in

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