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Teleglitch is free on Humble Bundle

Teleglitch Die More Edition thumb

Very good Quakelike roguelike Teleglitch: Die More Edition is currently free on Humble Bundle, the only price of entry being your email address (you can untick to subscribe from the Humble newsletter). That would be worthy of a news post all on its own, but it's accompanied by another great indie bundle (sorry, inDIE bundle—it's Halloween), which contains OlliOlli, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, and Tower of Guns at its base, pay-anything level. By beating the average, you also get Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, four copies of Risk of Rain, and Jazzpunk, which we scored 92% back in February.

More games will be added to the Beat the Average tier in the near future, but if you fork out $12 or more you'll get a copy of Shadowrun Returns (the original, not its improved, now standalone sequel) thrown in too.

It's not clear how long Teleglitch will be available for free for, but the terms state that you have to redeem the game key by the 25th of November, so get on it if you like the look of the game. Phil liked 84% of it when he wrote our review last year.