Tech Support: Error Unknown is a game about corporations, call centers, and conspiracies

Tech support: We need it, but we don't like it. But what if we were part of it? And what if, during the discharge of our dull day-to-day duties, we discovered that there's more going on in the world around us than meets the eye? That behind all those error messages and angry customers, something sinister was happening? That's the setup for Tech Support: Error Unknown, a "story rich adventure" set to come out in February. 

As a new employee of Quasar Telecommunications, you're outfitted with a purpose-built computer that enables you to work your tech support job from home, interacting with customers and solving their problems. Or you can dick them around for personal gain if that's your thing: Take a look into their accounts for potential blackmail material, or track their movements through their phones to see where they're going and what they've been up to. 

Either way, you'll eventually stumble upon something shady going on between your corporate bosses and an "anonymous rogue hacktivist group," and that's when things get interesting. Opportunities abound on all sides, if you're willing to take them.

The Tech Support: Error Unknown Steam page says that "new gameplay" will be unlocked based on the choices you make, which will ultimately culminate in one of "multiple major and minor endings." It's not available for pre-purchase yet, but is expected to go live in February 2019, and in the meantime you can sign up for the mailing list at

Andy Chalk

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