Teardown will let you tear down your own custom structures

(Image credit: Tuxedo Labs)

Listen, Teardown looks brilliant. But while there's plenty of ways to turn a building into rubble, eventually you're gonna run out of things to smash. Thankfully, developer Dennis Gustafsson today confirmed that the demolition sandbox will launch with its own level editor, letting you build your own sandcastles before kicking them down. 

While Teardown will launch with its own set of developer-made levels next week, there's simply nothing like pouring your own heart and soul into a creative endeavour before bringing a sledgehammer down on the entire thing.

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According to Gustafsson's tweet, Teardown will let you create your own maps using free voxel modelling tool MagicaVoxel. As far as modelling software goes, it's pretty easy to get started with (think Microsoft paint in 3D), though Tuxedo Labs will also be including four example levels to get you started.

One of the coolest things about Teardown is in how it simulates different materials, mind. Wood splinters, metal bends, and stone shatters convincingly, despite the blocky visuals. Fortunately, setting materials for your creation seems to be simple enough, with each assigned to a different set of colours in the voxel editor. 

I've been glued to Gustafsson's work-in-progress gifs and vids for the last year, and Teardown's destructive heists are shaping to be a terrific successor to Red Faction: Guerrilla's architectural carnage. Teardown launches on Steam Early Access next Thursday, October 29th.

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