Teamfight Tactics will pick up the pace with a new 'simpler and much faster' mode this year

Teamfight Tactics is adding a faster new mode later this year for the auto-battler with little time to spare.

Revealed during Riot's big 2021 stream earlier today, the as-yet-untitled new mode is designed to be played in under 20 minutes. We'll likely find out exactly how it manages this later in the year, but for now, Teamfight product lead TJ Bourus tells us that it'll be "a bit simpler and much faster" than regular play.

"We're working on a mode that you can play when you're short on time. Like during meetings, during class, late at night, on your commute, waiting for food... or yes, even on the John."

A welcome addition, considering regular TFT games can last upwards of an hour. I still think claiming folks can fit the faster mode on the bog might be pushing it, though.

The update also touched on the Fates mid-set arriving later this month, pulling two champions into TFT for the first time (Tryndamere and Samira), rotating in a bunch more, and introduces flashy new traits and stages. Festival Of The Beasts also kicks off with that update, adding a battle pass full of lunar new year themed rewards.

Back in regular old League Of Legends, Riot is preparing to introduce Viego—a dashing lad who doesn't wear a shirt and can possess the bodies of champions he's killed.

Natalie Clayton
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