Teamfight Tactics item cheat sheet: An easy guide to every combination

Teamfight Tactics items
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Teamfight Tactics items may come straight from League of Legends, but they're not identical in practice. They share the same themes, but they’ve got their own dance moves on the chessboard. Getting the correct items in a Teamfight Tactics match is the difference between defeat and watching your Aurelion Sol turn into a lightning-breathed gatling gun. It's partially luck, based on what minions drop for you, but you also need to know which items to look out for in the champion draft. Once you know what you're building, you can target the item upgrades that will power up your team.

Here's our item cheat sheet for learning what every Teamfight Tactics item looks like, what it does, and what it makes when combined with another item.

Learn all the options so you can get back into the queue armed with the knowledge you need to win.

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Teamfight Tactics: Base items

There are currently only eight base items in Teamfight Tactics, but every item combines with every other (and with a duplicate of itself) to create something new and considerably more powerful. That works out to a lot of combinations, and keeping all those comps in your head is isn't easy.

Here's the quick rundown of each item and what it does, followed by a guide for each combination.

Teamfight Tactics base items

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  • Spatula: Nothing (by itself)
  • Negatron Cloak: +20 Magic Resist
  • Chain Vest: +20 Armor
  • Giant's Belt: +200 Health
  • B.F. Sword: +20 Attack Damage
  • Recurve Bow: +15% Attack Speed
  • Needlessly Large Rod: +20% Spell Damage
  • Tear of the Goddess: +20 Starting Mana


While worthless alone, the Spatula combines into a number of important items. Several of these change a unit's class (e.g. to Assassin or Knight), making it easier to earn those class bonuses.

Most importantly, Spatula + Spatula = Force of Nature, which lets you field one extra champion in battle. That can easily swing the tide in your favor.

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Negatron Cloak

The Negatron Cloak provides magic resist, and helps forms weapons that grant lifesteal, cause silence, disarm, and banish.

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Chain Vest

The chain vest gives you more survivability with an armor buff, and combines to grant your champions shields, reflect damage, or even revive.

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Giant's Belt

The Giant's Belt provides a useful stack of HP by itself, and combines into weapons that heal, buff the team, or burn enemy HP.

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B.F. Sword

The B.F. sword is all about attack damage and crit and letting you heal from attacks.

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Recurve Bow

The Recurve Bow offers a critical attack speed buff, and forms several weapons that play with crit and dodge.

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Needlessly Large Rod

The Needlessly Large Rod gives spellcasters some extra oomph, and combines for a big AP boost, lifesteal, and spellburn attacks.

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Tear of the Goddess

Tear of the Goddess gives your champions more starting mana so they can trigger their abilities more quickly, and combines to combines to deal more magic damage or gain mana at a fast clip.

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