Team17's sheepish puzzle game Flockers releasing 19th September

Flockers is already out on Steam Early Access, but if you prefer to wait for developers to brand their games as 'finished' before you dive in, you might be pleased to hear that Team17's sheepish puzzle game will be releasing for realsies on September 19th. If you're not intrigued, perhaps you should be: Team17 made Worms, and Flockers seems pretty reminiscent of DMA Design's Lemmings, a style of real-time puzzle game that hasn't reared its head for quite some time.

Seemingly set in the Worms mythology—now that is a sentence I enjoyed typing—Flockers has you playing as the worms' fluffy playthings, in an effort to evade their various steampunky deathtraps and fleece your way to freedom. The full game will feature "60 dark, heinous puzzles and 6 further secret levels", and there's a demo available on Steam if you want to give the game a go while you wait for its imminent release.

Here's a new trailer showing off some new footage and lots of horribly gory sheep deaths:

Tom Sykes

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